Pimp The Face : Create caricatures, funny faces, sketches on the fly

PimpTheFace.com is a nice online utility, which allows you to create caricatures, and hence you can create funny faces too.

The homepage says –

“Whether you want to create a custom caricature, a ‘wanted’ poster, or your mate’s likeness, PimpTheFace makes the face-creation process as simple as ABC.”

And that true, this probably the easiest way to create any type of image, i.e. a sketch, a caricature or a funny face.

Shown above is a detailed snapshot of face creation wizard on the PimpTheFace.com, you can select a face element by clicking it, and later you can choose the style of the selected face element, in order to fit it well with the face, you can scale it.

A pre-existing image can be used as background to help you in drawing the face.

Once done with creation, you can take a snapshot (as good as downloading the created image), and also you can get the embed code for it to share. The embed code has background color code in it, if you want you can change it too.

So go ahead and create some awesome faces, share it with friends and enjoy.

Try PimpTheFace.com

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