Pin tabs as App in Firefox 4 for better tab management

Firefox 4 was launched recently, and with the arrival of this new version of Firefox several new features appeared in the browser. Some of the features are really awesome and make a lot of sense for sure. Like the feature which allows you to pin a tab as app tab.

‘Pin as App Tab’ feature option can be reached by right clicking on any opened tab, as shown below.

Pin tabs as App in Firefox 4 for better tab management

And when you Pin any specific tab as App Tab, the tab size gets smaller, and only the Favicon remains visible to show the tab.

Tab pinned as App Tab in Firefox 4

This is a good way to reduce the tab size, and hence leads to a better tab management. We all tend to keep some websites/pages tab opened all the time in our browser and so keeping them in small size will give us more easy accessibility to other tabs we open.

This feature might be new to Firefox, but is available in Google Chrome for quite some time now, but this isn’t much helpful in Chrome for three reasons –

  • First, Chrome already has the feature so as the tab size reduces automatically when you open lots of tabs.
  • Second, the navigation to a tab which isn’t visible is tough in case of Chrome, which is easy in Firefox because of the arrow to access the hidden tabs.
  • Third, the favicons of pinned tab glow blue in case of notification i.e. if you receive an email or mention in twitter.

This feature is another reason to choose Firefox as your default browser, what say?

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  1. This is a useful feature if only it worked for more than the session you are in. If you close your browser and then reopen it then the tabbed app has gone. Makes it fairly pointless really. Thought I might be alone on this but Google has got loads of links to people having the same problem. I have firefox set to clear history but not cookies or site preferences as has been suggested elsewhere. Another problem I and a few other people had was url shortcuts not working ie Ctrl+Return to add .com. This turned out to be AVG Linkscanner causing the problem and now it is removed everything appears to be good…….except for pinning tabs that last !

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