Pirates Love Daisies : Completely HTML 5 based Tower Defense Game

Many call it the first game which points that HTML 5 is Flash Killer but in my view Pirates Love Daisies is an incredible tower defense game build which truly expresses the power of HTML 5. This game is a booster and example for people who want to develop anything based on HTML 5 and

What is this game about ?

Its about saving  Daisies  from sea creatures and birds and you play on behalf of Pirates where there are many characters like Shooter, Canons, Captain and Sword fighters. Like in any standard tower defense game you have waves of enemies coming in  which you need to kill using your units to earn cash. This cash can be used to upgrade different skills. Complete strategy based game.

There are four themes

  • Rum Valley
  • Coconut Coast
  • Hidden Hideaway
  • and Treasure Island

which again has three levels each. The game is fun and pretty difficult at advanced level but seems to get stuck sometimes so I wasn’t able to complete all of them.

Who is behind this game ?

  • Concept, development, and creative direction by gskinner.com.
  • Created with Microsoft to showcase the game development potential of HTML5 and IE9.
  • Illustration and animation by Pulp Studios.
  • Music and sound design by Washingtron.
  • Built using the JQuery and EaselJS libraries. More info on development can be found here.


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