Planning to install a Pirated Android App? Get ready for embarrassment

If you are an Android user, and prefer using Pirated versions of Paid apps, beware!! Here is something which can embarrass you much. There is this popular paid app known as Walk and Text, which is a convenient way of texting while you are walking, this app actually turns on your camera, so that you can walk easily without taking away your eyes from the phone screen.

Now, there is an app with same name available on file-sharing sites across the US and Asia, here it claims to be the cracked full version of Walk and Text, once an Android user falls to this, and downloads and file, the process of installation starts, and the user will see a message which poses as if the app is being cracked. But soon a message appears on the screen, telling that application is not licensed, and also lands you in an embarrassing situation.

Fake Android app to embarrass Pirates

And this doesn’t stop here, the app sends out an SMS to every contact in your Phone Book, here is the snapshot of the SMS it sends.

Fake Android app to embarrass Pirates sends an SMS telling every contact in your phone book about your attempt to steal

This whole process is done using the Trojan named as Android.Walkinwat.

So, if you are into downloading pirated apps, this could be a signal to stop using pirated apps, in case of mobile phones, this is the first ever case of its kind, but this will definitely leave a rend behind it, alarming for pirates. Even if you don’t have a tendency to use pirated apps, whenever such offers are encountered, chances are bright that anyone may fall for this.

Source: Symantec


  1. Downloading pirated apps is not a particularly smart thing to do from the get go. This makes it downright stupid to do it. Gotta hand it to the people who created this one. Maybe it will discourage folks from trying to do this.

  2. Christina, apps cannot be “stolen”.

    Knowledge cannot be stolen.
    It is impossible to lock knowledge down.

    You can own possessions, but knowledge is not a possession.


    Under the guise of “anti-piracy”, we allow companies to abuse systems, violate privacy, do criminal acts?

    When will we hold criminals accountable?

    * How to know what is right & wrong.

    – Ask yourself if it would be right or wrong with no $$$ involved.
    (Example: Murder is always wrong, $$$ or not)

    – Sharing is only “wrong” because greedy corporations (RIAA, MS, SONY, etc.) decided to criminalize sharing in favor of $$$. Anyone can see, of course, that if you take away the financial part of the equation, nobody would care if this was share with billions of people if they wanted… Bottom line is, this isn’t truly a “wrong”, but a symptom of deviant greed.

    Sharing is not a crime, nor has it ever been. You can make all the laws you want to outlaw love, talking, free speech, or whatever you want, but it just doesn’t make it wrong no matter how many laws you pass.

    With criminals like these running our office, who can really blame the way our economic systems are? People are scared to install windows because of WGA/WPA schemes, & as such, they are scared to do pretty much anything these days.

    This is the first century that I am aware of that a seller had the “right” to control whatever a user did with something they bought from the seller!

    What is the purpose of selling something to someone, only to still retain the rights to do whatever you want? That isn’t selling (giving it to the person to own), since your still in possession of it, even after the sale!

    That is renting, and a violation of the truth in advertising act!

    Look for lawsuits soon!


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