Play an audible alert when notebook battery gets low : Laptop battery Alarm

Windows Vista pop ups a notification whenever the notebook battery goes low but many a times we don’t notice and get a super warning which tells use either to change laptop battery or plug in laptop power supply

Semmons@codeplex came out with  an excellent solution for this., A laptop battery alarm. It plays an audible /sound whenever the notebook battery power goes low below a pre configured warning level. In fact this is just like your mobile alarm clock which keeps on snoozing every 5 minutes. Yes you got it right, it does keep repeating alarm any number of time you want it to.

Battery alarm for low battery
Low battery alarm

This program doesn’t install anything but runs as a standalone unit. So you can have this as portable application also. This is one more pogram which goes into my list of ever useable program for my notebook. Download Laptop battery Alarm


  1. When I first loaded Semmons’ Battery Alarm, it appeared to be not working. With a little observation, I found the sound level of the audible alarm to be way down in the mud. Almost undetectable. After checking the sound wave with Audacity I found the amplitude of the wave almost nil. I recorded my own sound bite replaying it back as I redid it. It took a number of tries before I was happy with the sound level range and then saved it in the Windows sound file. It was then pointed to by the Battery Alarm menu box. I now get told “Hey, dummy, something is wrong with your battery, do something about it!” whenever the battery falls below my assigned 10% strength level. And believe me I snap to when I hear it. I would have sent this to Semmons himself but I gave up signing in anywhere a “registration” with password is required. Maybe you can pass this on to him, if he hasn’t heard it already.
    Thank you for the chance to write this.
    Larry Miloscia


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