Play around with Animals on Google Earth Day Doodle

Google keeps showing us the doodles inspired by different occasions, and I think this is the best way to keep us educated about the occasions, as well as the reason behind the occasion, this definitely is a great initiative by Google. Well, in the same series, today’s Google doodle in inspired by the Earth Day.

Here is a small video which shows the Earth Day Google Doodle in action –

In the video when you hover your mouse over animals, they animate i.e. Penguins Jump, Pandas Dance, Birds fly away when you hover over the tree, Lion Roar, Koala Bear gets up and down the tree, Frogs Jump when you touch the bush and the best is when you hover over water stream, the Fish climbs up the stream and gets eaten by Crocodile.

So, what is Earth Day all about –

Founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson, the Earth Day is celebrated to inspire awareness and appreciation of the natural environment of earth. First Earth Day took place on the same day, i.e. April 22, in the year of 1970, and was highlighted on the same cause, but only for USA, later it became an international event. In the year 1990, Earth Day was celebrated in 141 nations, and now is celebrated on a global level by the Earth Day Network.

As we know, saving and preserving the environment of earth to the natural level is probably one of the biggest challenges faced by the human kind. And hence, such events are need of the moment in our society. Environment is something whose importance is still not very clear to many of us, we don’t exactly know (or I should say ‘understand’) what are the effects of a non-healthy environment, and how is it going to affect the human kind. It has been claimed as several articles, journals etc. that the main cause which is affecting the nature and environment in real time is the human interventions in the nature’s territory.

And this intervention is being done by several modes, like when we plan to develop an infrastructure for an upcoming township; we end up cutting down several trees, which ultimately results in several types of pollution.

A very interesting initiative on the same lines is the Earth Hour, and definitely we all should make it a point to make such events and initiatives a success, also, just by observing some simple rules, basic ideas are –

  • Plant Trees.
  • Cut down on Fuel consumption. Walk or use bicycle.
  • Say no to Poly bags.

So, go ahead and make it a point, we can all add our bit to this cause, and make can make Earth a Healthier place to live, isn’t it?

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As stated earlier in this post, Google has come with amazing doodles in past, if you missed on them, you can have a look and know what it was on our Google Doodles section.


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