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Fifa OnlineEA Sports have launched an online version of Fifa which can be played right on your browser and absolutely free, the only thing you will ever need is a good internet connection so you are able to play it smoothly. Also one thing we should know is that it’s an online version to make it exactly like you play in-game consoles might take sometime as this is still in beta stage. May be we would get most but to get all is what I doubt about.

You need to go fifa-online page of EA Sports and register with your email id and country information. Done that you first get a page which says File Online Manager Creation. This manager is you and this is  what uniquely identifies you to others while playing FIFA Online and other EA titles. You also choose the league and team and which team you would prefer to take.

Once this setup is finished it will install a plugin depending on your browser and you will be promoted to download the Fifa online setup file. Run this file once download is complete which will install the required files for you to play Fifa online.

ES Sports Online Download

The total download size of the Fifa Online is 610.87 Mb. There is an option to download commentary also but that takes another 339.45 MB so you choose. I have seen my cousin brother at Chennai playing it and without commentary it is pretty boring to get it downloaded now or later if you want to save time now.

Feature wise the best part is you play against online players who are as real as you and on top if you have friends who know how to play Fifa well, you can create your own team and compete with other teams online. Another feature is that your performance is recorded so anytime somebody chooses you or you choose a player, you can see his track record before including in the team.

Right now I am downloading the Fifa Online and will let you know more about it soon. Till then get your game quick.

Ok My download is complete and here are few more screenshots : ( Tutorial, Team Select and Budget )

Fifa Online Tutorials
Fifa Online Team Choose
Fifia Online Budget


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