Play Rar compressed movies directly

Here is some good news for people who hate decompressing rar video files to play it. If you have VLC player then you better get a free copy of VLC Rar Loader which allows you just drag and drop rar compressed video files and play it directly in full screen right from there.

Play rar compressed video file in VLC directly
Play rar compressed video file in VLC directly

Just 3 steps :

  • Make sure You have a copy of VLC installed, .
  • Download and mount VLC RAR-Loader 1.3.dmg on your desktop.
  • Use VLC RAR-Loader to open and play your RAR-packed releases.

As of now VLC Rar loader just works with MAC and I wasn’t able to find this or similar for windows ( Any body got a pointer ? ). Download VLC Rar Loader


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