Polar Rose – Find images by name, facial recognition and 3D Imaging

Polar Rose a new group which offers an entirely different way for photo recognition.It finds the images on web based on facial recognition using 3D imaging Technique.

A Swiss based group is going to change the way images is searched.The main idea behind this is people find images based on the name, so if i upload an image of mine and name it as Santa clause it might be taken up by Google for its image.Well thats not right.

Whats the solution?

This group make a content search of image that means search an image by recognizing the people inside it.Now thats smart!!

How do they do it?

This is the next obvious question.Well there are 2 ways.

  • First is Facial Recognition Technique.This technique maps the part of the image and tries to give it a unique signature to it.So if it matches to other photographs which has same signature its the right image.
  • Secondly, They can take the input from users not one but a lot more and try to find who is that person.They have smart people on the end to tell what i voted is right or wrong.So u just cant say my picture to be Santa and fool them.See the image below

Polar Rose Image and Face Recognition

They are accepting people for beta testing, in which i also have signed up, just waiting for an email so i can go and see whats happening.When i am done will tell you for sure.

They are still to start but they have some good offerings.

Plugin for IE and Firefox :

They will release a plug in in first quarter of 2007 which will help to find a right image on web.The plug-in detects people in online photos and places.if you look at the image there are 2 roses on each pic.A click on the rose will give a lot of help to say if its the right image you are looking or not.If you don’t find it right . Moreover you can help the rose image engine by tagging the image.

So is it an alternative to Google’s Image Search ?

Well it sounds like.They have no doubt better way of search and its realistic.Instead of finding an image by its tag and the file name of the image this gives a true image search.Unless google changes its way of finding it.

Can you make a image search engine using the same way ?

Not exactly, but they are going to open up their Royalty Free pattens API, which can be used to develop a stand alone application.We will have to wait for them when they are ready to release.

What do you think ? How this technology can help us out ? leave your ideas and we can discuss in comments




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