PowerCMD is a Powerful Windows Command Prompt Alternative

The Windows Command Prompt has been used on the Windows operating system for many years. Despite the development of Windows technology, the Command Prompt still lacks many essential features.

For developers, deployment experts, and administrators, the Command Prompt can be challenging. PowerCMD is a powerful alternative to the Windows command prompt. This application provides a ton of features over the usual Windows command prompt. In this article, we will review PowerCMD and its features.

Why Use A Third Party Command Prompt Alternative?

Windows command prompt hasn’t changed much since its introduction to the computer world. It lacks many essential features and abilities, which can sometimes be hard to work with. A third-party command prompt alternative such as PowerCMD can be handy for those not experienced in using the Windows Command Prompt. This is because it offers a more user-friendly interface, with features like tabbed windows and customizable color schemes that make navigating commands easier.

Many of these alternatives offer additional tools to help automate tasks or improve productivity when working with multiple programs simultaneously.

Review PowerCMD

PowerCMD is a Powerful Windows Command Prompt Alternative

PowerCMD is an excellent third-party alternative to the classic Windows Command Prompt (CMD). It provides users with a graphical user interface that CMD lacks. This makes it easier and more efficient for those using the command line extensively.

PowerCmd is a multi-panel application that allows you to manage up to four consoles simultaneously. You can also access all your environment variables in the bottom pane. It also integrates seamlessly into Windows Shell, allowing you to open files from the right-click context menu.

PowerCMD Multiple prompts

Additionally, directory listings are available through suggestion boxes which provide quick access or operations. This saves lots of valuable time!

PowerCMD Auto Complete

The search bar allows basic filtering, while bookmarks help track frequently used commands. Also, it is straightforward to move back & forth between different console windows just by clicking once inside each window.

PowerCMD Save Session

You can quickly switch between panel sets using toolbar options, view them on full-screen mode, and save sessions for later restoration. Customization settings offer plenty of choices, such as changing AutoComplete list-related items, configuring preferences like Commands & Quick Launch, etc., and even tweaking Application Appearances according to what suits best visually speaking!

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PowerCMD vs. Windows Terminal

PowerCMD is a third-party application that provides an enhanced version of the standard Windows Command Prompt. It offers a tabbed interface, better text selection, and advanced copy-and-paste functionality. It also includes additional keyboard shortcuts and options for customizing the look and feel of the interface.

On the other hand, Windows Terminal is a Microsoft-developed CLI released in 2019. It is designed to be a modern, feature-rich terminal that supports multiple tabs, split panes, and GPU-accelerated text rendering. Windows Terminal supports various shells, such as PowerShell, Command Prompt, and WSL. It also allows for customizing color schemes, keybindings, and more.


This article reviewed PowerCMD, a third-party alternative to the Windows command prompt. While many utilities provided by Windows have been frequently updated, the command prompt lacks many essential features.

As a result, many users may find that Windows Terminal provides all the functionality they need and may not see a need for PowerCMD. However, some users may still prefer to use PowerCMD due to its simplicity and specific features not present in Windows Terminal. It is ultimately up to the individual user to decide whether they find PowerCMD useful and whether it meets their needs better than Windows Terminal.


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