How to Stop Programs from Adding themselves to Windows Startup

I am sure you have noticed that the more software you install, Windows boot becomes slower. These programs which you install are the reason. They register themselves to start when the computer starts, and open in backgrounds as soon as you log in to your computer. In this post, we will share how you can stop programs from adding themselves to Windows Startup. It works in Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

How to Stop Programs from Adding themselves to Windows Startup

These startups not only make windows take more time to load but also makes you wait for a longer time. The taskbar is usually not accessible until everything is loaded.

  1. Disable Startup
  2. Windows Task manager
  3. AutoRuns
  4. QuickStart by Glarysoft

Use them appropriately, and make sure to add the program to startup, which are essential.

1] Disable Startup

It is a simple application that can warn you if any program is added to the Windows Startup. It can further lock the startup manager so that nothing gets added further.

Disable Startup Adding Windows 10

To keep using it, you need to set this program to start with windows and then let it scan every few seconds to find new startups that are added. Remember, we are not uninstalling any application or disabling it. We are simply not allowing it to add itself to the startup manager.

Download Disabled Startup now.

2] Windows Task manager

It is probably the easiest way to manage the Startup. There are not many programs that can block access to the startup manager. So if you think Windows is slowing down, use this method

  • Right-click on Taskbar and select Task Manager.
  • Switch to the Startup tab. It displays all the program which launches with and after Windows Boot.
  • Right-click on your desired program, and disable it

Disable Startup Program using Task Manager

3] AutoRuns

It is another software that doesn’t block any program but gives you a general idea of what is slowing down the computer. Once you see the sequence of programs that will be executed or loaded when Windows loads, it will be easy for you to disable them from the startup.

Configuring AutoRuns

Read more on how to use AutoRuns

4] QuickStart by Glarysoft

It is similar to AutoRuns but a lot simpler. It lists all the programs which open with Windows Startup and lets you delay the startup with a straightforward toggle button. Most want the program to launch, but they should start it later. You can choose how many seconds the program will launch. The approach makes sure you have access to Windows quickly.

Quick Startup Delay Startup Add minutes

Download from Glarysoft

We hope these programs were easy to follow. You should be able to make specific applications do not automatically add themselves to the Windows Startup, and can easily manage them.


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