How To Stop Chrome From Opening New Tabs for Every Link

How about multitasking by switching multiple tabs from time to time? Many of you would do so, and it makes your work easier. You work on one site, move on to the other, and don’t close when multitasking. However, they often open new tabs affecting your work and leading to unwanted tabs. This would annoy many of you. Then some sites open links in a new window. This post will show multiple methods to stop Chrome from opening new tabs for every link.

How To Stop Chrome From Opening New Tabs for Every Link

Stop Chrome From Opening New Tabs for Every Link

Several reasons account for the issues. Some of them include irrelevant pop-ups, faulty plugins, background apps in Chrome, malicious activity, inappropriate browser settings, or a corrupt Chrome. Depending upon the causes, we have suggested methods to resolve them!

  1. Block Pop-ups
  2. Disable Web and App Activity
  3. Remove Plugins and Extensions
  4. Use Chrome Extension TabZolo
  5. Disable Background Apps
  6. Scan for Malware
  7. Reset Chrome to Default Settings
  8. Reinstall Chrome

So let’s roll over to them, and you should see them one by one till you fix the problem.

1] Block Pop-ups

Many website pop-ups and Redirects would open links in the New tab in Chrome. If any Redirects cause it, it’s a significant risk to your browser’s performance. Blocking pop-ups and Redirects thus help!

Follow the steps given below to block pop-ups:

  • Head over to Chrome and tap on the three-dotted icon on the right
  • The menu opens; choose Settings from the drop-down menu
  • Navigate to Privacy and Security
  • Choose Site Settings
  • Go to Pop-ups and RedirectsBlock Pop Up in Chrome
  • Select the radio button next to Dont allow sites to send pop-ups and use redirects.

This will restrict sites from opening pop-ups or redirecting you to another site. If this doesn’t help, the following method is for you!

2] Disable Web and App Activity 

Several sites load unnecessary stuff that displays that your phone/computer is infected with a virus, and you should install an app to tackle it. These often force install apps and software on your device. Such sites are quite risky and can affect your browser or device performance. Even such web and app activity force open links in a new tab in Chrome. In such a scenario, you are disabling Web and App Activity works.

Follow the steps given below to disable web and app activity ln Chrome:

  • Visit
  • Go to Data and Privacy from the left pane
  • Click on Web and App activity and click on the Turn off buttonTurn off Web Activity Google Account
  • Hit the Pause button in the pop-up that appears to proceed with your action
  • Another pop-up opens after disabling,  press the Got it button to close

If the Web and App Activity does not resolve your issue, then any of your plugins or extensions could be the leading cause. The following method will help you out with it.

3] Remove Plugins and Extensions 

You use several plugins and extensions for optimum productivity, lifestyle, or entertainment. They enhance functionality and benefit you with advanced features, yet sometimes have drawbacks. For example, these often cause Chrome to open a link in a new tab. In such a scenario, you should remove plugins and extensions.

Follow the steps given below to disable the extension:

  • Head over to Google Chrome and click on the three-dotted icon
  • Select More Tools from the drop-down menuManage Extensions in Chrome
  • Navigate to Extensions
  • Toggle the button next to every Extension to disable them

Check if the issue has been resolved or not. If yes, then a particular extension was causing it. To figure out, enable every extension one at a time, then check if the problem appears again or not. When you allow an extension and links open in a new tab, you should disable that extension. So, you can use other Extensions usually.

If none of the extensions have caused the issue or you do not use any extension now, then the following method will help!

4] Use Chrome Extension TabZolo 

Though some extensions cause the issue, this one is the ultimate rescue without any hits and trials. You can install the TabZolo extension from Chrome WebStore and set it up. Further, it works great by closing all the open tabs which are not in use. Also, it will prevent links from opening in a new tab in Chrome. If you do not want to use an extension, then the following method is for you!

5] Disable Background Apps in Chrome

Several apps run in the background in Chrome, even if you do not have any active extensions. Such apps send you notifications and fetch valuable updates for you; however, these have drawbacks.

They sometimes cause the Websites Automatically Open a new link window in Chrome. In such a scenario, you should close them. Moreover, they even save your data and boost your browsing speed. To close them, you should disable background apps.

Follow the steps given below to disable background apps in Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome, and open a new tab using Ctrl + T
  • In a new tab, type the following—chrome://settings/system— and press Enter keyTurn off background activity in Chrome
  • Toggle off the Continue Running Background apps when Google Chrome is closed option.

This action will disable Chrome apps running in the background. If this doesn’t help, background apps aren’t intervening to cause the issue. As a result, there are higher probabilities that your Chrome has encountered malicious activity.

6] Scan for Malware

One of the most common reasons for the link opening in the New tab is when a virus or malware infects Chrome. Thus, detecting any malicious activity not only fixes this problem but eliminates the risk of future hazards. Often you would not know that malware is present on your system. Therefore, you would face no issues or minor ones. However, with time it intensifies. Therefore, to tackle it, you should frequently check for malware. Later, if it detects a malicious file, you can delete it.

Fortunately, Chrome is equipped with the Malware Scan feature. Follow the steps given below for a malware scan on Chrome:

  • Open Chrome, and go to settings.
  • Navigate to Reset & Cleanup > Clean up the computerFind Harmful software on Windows Chrome
  • Press the Find button beneath Find Harmful Software

Now, Google will detect malware on your device. If not found, there would probably be a misconfiguration with Chrome Settings.

7] Reset Chrome to Default Settings 

You would have made several changes to your browser to work better. This is because you expect faster browsing and no corrupt data. Meanwhile, some configurations can result in errors like link opening in the New tab in Chrome. In such a scenario, you can reset Chrome Settings to default, and it will function optimally. You need not worry, as this will not wipe off your history, downloads, or other data.

Follow the steps given below to reset Chrome Settings:

  • Open Chrome Settings and go to Reset and Cleanup
  • Click on the menu Restore settings to their original defaultsReset Chrome to Default Settings
  • It will open the Reset settings window
  • Click on the Reset Settings blue-colored button from the pop-up

Your Chrome Settings will restore to default, and the error will resolve if some Settings were causing it. If not, then your Chrome has become corrupt.

8] Reinstall Chrome

When Chrome corrupts, reinstalling is the ultimate rescue to fix the problem. After reinstallation, all the issues are resolved, and you can set up Chrome as per your prerequisites.


I hope the post was useful and you now know how to stop Chrome from opening new tabs for every link. You can block pop-ups and Redirects, disable web and app activity, remove extensions, use TabZolo to disable background apps, reset Chrome Settings or reinstall the browser to fix the issue. Additionally, you can scan for malware and remove it if Chrome detects any!


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