Preview Windows 7 Theme with Bing Visual Search

This is pretty awesome stuff for Windows 7 Theme lovers who find themes not so good after applying it. Bing Visual Search now lets you see a preview of all the wallpapers of the theme you want to download. Not only that it also gives you basic information about the theme including Size, when the theme was added to the collection, any exclusive information about the theme.

Type in Themes for Microsoft in Bing Visual Search or click this directly and the result will be like you are searching the themes exclusively. You can see the categorizations and click on any of them to see the details and select the Zoom in Section for preview of the wallpaper. I think this is the first time a search engine has done this stuff and it’s absolutely fantastic.

Themes from Microsoft using Bing Visual Search

Windows 7 Theme info Bing Search

Windows 7 Theme Preview Bing

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