Best Printable Guitar Cord Chart Resources

Having a few chords under your belt should be a top priority if you want to learn to play guitar proficiently. These “building blocks” of rhythms and harmonies are a vital element of the language of music, so the more you can take up, the more you’re growing your proverbial vocabulary.

Learning to play the Guitar is a chore performed by hundreds, if not millions of individuals every year. The Guitar is the second most popular musical instrument in the world (only behind the piano, which is number one) for various reasons.

One of the most excellent things about the Guitar is the vast number of tunes you can play with a few chords. So, we’ve compiled a list of printable guitar chord chart resources you need to know.

Best Printable Guitar Cord Chart Resources

Best Printable Guitar Cord Chart Resources

Below given are some of the top guitar chord charts resources trusted and used by thousands of guitarists every day, make sure to check them all:

  1. Chordify
  2. Ultimate Guitar
  3. Chordie
  4. Songsterr
  5. E-Chords
  6. Heartwood Guitar

Make sure to try each of them to find what works best for you.

1. Chordify

Chordify Best Printable Guitar Cord Chart Resources

Sometimes, you want to learn a specific song even though you don’t know how it goes very well. Chordify is incredible for such scenarios. This website provides an extremely clean UI with huge chord diagrams that change as the music plays in real-time.

Hit the play button and get your instrument. Chordify opens a YouTube video in the corner and begins playing the actual recording. The display in the middle of the screen displays a square box for each bar and advises you to transition to the next chord.

Also, if you join up for a monthly membership, you can access tools to modify the speed, loudness, and pitch of the music as you play along with it.

Pricing:  Basic: Free | Premium: 99 INR/monthly | 288 INR/yearly | Visit Chordify

2. Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar draws from a vast community of guitarists who donate chords and tabs to the website. You will also discover various other versions of the songs to practice with too.

Use the track name or artist to find songs or use the chord button in the search box to find specific chords. That way, if you’re new to guitar, it’s straightforward to locate the music you can already play by simply Googling the chords you already know.

Ultimate Guitar also provides music news, reviews, articles, and interviews. To get started studying some classics, go through the most popular current guitar chords and tabs, or browse the top 100 tabs of all time. If your song has many versions, start with the one with the highest rating.

When you pick the version you desire, you should see a mix of guitar chords, tabs, and lyrics. Sometimes there’s also an explanation about how to play the music.

Pricing: 7-day free trial | Basic plan- $24.99/monthly | Pro plan- $99.99/yearly | Visit Ultimate Guitar

3. Chordie

Chordie Guitar Chords

At Chordie, you may search for the song name, artist, lyrics, or chords you wish to play. Chordie may not have as extensive a library of free guitar chords as Ultimate Guitar, but it does offer chords and lyrics in a very user-friendly layout.

Chordie is run by a group of guitarists who volunteer their time to upload guitar chords and lyrics to various songs.

The chords you require are displayed in the top-right corner of Chordie when you launch a song. You don’t need to look up the F chord in a Guitar book every time you forget how to play it; scroll back to the top of the page.

Chordie also provides you basic options to modify the text size, transpose to a new key, adapt the chords depending on your capo placement, and auto-scroll while you play along. The sleek UI offers a tabbed area for crucial riffs as well.

Pricing: Free | Visit Chordie

4. Songsterr

Songsterr Best Printable Guitar Cord Chart Resources

There are two versions of the Songsterr website. The current version contains an interactive player with tabs for over 500,000 songs. Many of the songs on here even allow you to pick from numerous instrument parts to perform.

Go to Old Songsterr if you’re seeking Guitar chords and lyrics to popular songs rather than tabs. Enter the song title or artist you want to learn from the results, then click the song you want to know. The T signifies a tab spelled out in text form, which is typically difficult to read. And the Chord symbol displays music with the lyrics and chords.

Pricing: Monthly- $9.9/monthly | Visit Songsterr

5. E-Chords

The E-Chords home page offers video courses, new tabs, tutorials, and featured blogs. Search for songs, artists, or lyrics to discover the free Guitar chords you’re searching for. Then open them up into a clean page with loads of handy tools going down the left side.

You may personalize how the songs seem by picking more straightforward chords, altering the color of links, and even clicking and dragging chords to where you want them alongside the words. Hover your cursor over a chord name above the lyrics to discover how to play it.

The verses and choruses are divided, making it easier to grasp the structure of a song with just a quick look. The chords you’ll want are at the bottom of the page, so spend some time there memorizing the music before you begin.

Pricing: Premium- $3.95/monthly | $15.45/half-yearly | $24.45/yearly | $46.45/2 year | Visit E-Chords

6. Heartwood Guitar

Heartwood Guitar doesn’t have a massive library of guitar chords and lyrics, but it does feature a hand-picked collection of actual guitar chords and lyrics to the most popular songs. In reality, the site includes many free materials for learning how to play the guitar proficiently.

There are over 600 free guitar chord charts accessible, or you may pay to access teaching videos and unique classes.

Click on Chord Charts to get an alphabetical list of the available songs. Each one features original lyrics and guitar chords, with tonnes of information detailing how to play the music. It may appear not very comforting at first, but before long, you’ll be playing like a pro.

Pricing: Monthly- $19 | Annually- $190 | Visit Heartwood Guitar

In What Order Should I Study Guitar Chords?

Em, C, G, and D are the first chords to learn on the Guitar. These chords are played near to the nut and involve several open strings. The next chord you should master is C or C major. For this chord, you need to play the top five, highest-sounding strings.

Should I Play Sitting Or Standing?

If you can, try standing. It’s healthier for your health, simpler to play with the right posture, and more adaptable.

To sum up everything: The Guitar is a simple outlet for individuals desiring to perform their favorite pop tunes. It’s also a mind-blowing instrument to play while singing simultaneously.


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