Printing a Webpage? Try These for Optimized Printing

Unless a web page provides you with an option of getting a printer-friendly version that is much more readable and has not required part of websites like advertisements, additional images, comments, etc., we need to do a lot of hard work to drop the extras off.  Below is a set of tools to help you create a webpage that will cost you less when printed. Check out these tips for optimized printing.

Printing a Webpage? Try These for Optimized Printing

Use the following methods for optimized printing

  • Printer Friendly
  • Print What you Like
  • Printer Software

Try each of these methods to find what works best for you. You can also read out a detailed guide on how to print parts of any webpage.

1] Printer Friendly:

To create a printer-friendly version of any webpage, copy the URL and paste it into this tool, and you are good to go. Apart from this, the preview which you get before printing is editable. So you can go ahead and drop any extra lines or URLs which you don’t want. Moreover, if you feel images will cost you a lot, a click option removes all the photos. Read More on this.

Printer Friendly WebPage

2] Print What you like:

This service is similar to Printer Friendly but gives more options apart from deleting sections of web pages. You can increase or decrease text font, combine more pages to aggregate content at one place, remove background, etc. Read more about it

Print what you like

3] HP’s Smart Web Printing tool:

This tool is also on the same lines as both above, i.e., Take sections of the web page, combine, etc., and add notes and scale images. I liked this Interface here because you can manage webpage clips separately and then later combine them. Download this from here.

HP Webpage Print

Few more tips :

  • Always take a look at the print preview.
  • Many software like Snag or others come with a virtual printer driver, which creates an image of what you print. Try that one and see if everything is fine.
  • Remove the headers and footers if your printer software has them.
  • I have seen many printed pages from emails like Gmail has URLs printed with them. See if there is an option in preferences to skip that else, print it as an image, change and then print the last picture.

That’s it from my side. Now you share with us what kind of printing tool do you use. How do you make sure you do not print anything extra. Share with us in the comments.

How Do Print A Webpage To PDF?

To print a webpage to PDF, head over to the respective webpage and open the 3-dot menu situated at the top right corner of your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser and select the print option from the list (You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+P). A window with numerous printing settings will open. You need to choose the Save as PDF option from the destination drop-down menu to print a webpage to PDF.

How Do I Print A Webpage Without Cutting It Off?

To Print a webpage without cutting it off, you need to go on the respective website and open the print menu from the 3-dot menu in the top right corner or Ctrl+P shortcut on Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser and change the printing orientation to Landscape from portrait. If the webpage is still cutting off, you can look in the additional settings and scale the page to 65-70%.

How Do I Print HTML From My Printer?

If you want to print the HTML code, you can do so straight from the HTML editor by accessing the file menu and selecting the print option. If you intend to print the output web page, you have to preview the HTML file in Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser and print it from there.


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