Printing files as image into One Note [ Microsoft Office ]

Microsoft Office One Note application  allows you to insert files which you can use as a reference. However yiu will have to always double click to open it and its not a very comfortable thing to open it each time when you want to show it to someone. However we have an alternative with Microsoft One Note which allows you to print the document inside office one note as an Image. This is how it looks.

Print as Image in One Note
Print as Image in One Note

Here are the steps to do it :

  • Go to Insert Menu on One Note
  • Select Files as Printouts.
  • Select which file you want to print.
  • Next you will get the image right inside.
Inserting Files as Printouts in One Note
Inserting Files as Printouts in One Note

This way you or the viewer can see it directly without opening it. This also keeps your orginal file safe too.


  1. Hi I was wondering how to print a document how it originally would have looked, had you printed it directly, instead of sending to one note. I don’t have a printer at times so I send my lap top work to one note to print later. But one particular document wants to print 7 pages for every 1 page of the document. Please email help if you can.



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