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3d Printer ModelAll it requires is to press a button, and your imagination of 3D would come out in reality and its really close. Let’s take a close look at the world of 3D printers. No, It’s not a coffee machine but its look like that for sure. A 3D printer, by its name suggest, is a printer which provides a solid form to a 3D design without any human intervention. Its not a dream!.

It’s a boon to those who wants to view their imagination before making it. It includes geometry or shape parameters. For instance, you can design a house on your desktop and the printer will give a 3D model of what it looks like. You can touch it and feel it.

How does it work

Now you must be curious to know how it makes it. Take a look at the picture on the left. Do you get it?  No? Partially yes? Let me explain it to you :

“A 3D printer consists of inkjet printer, an adhesive or binder and a fine powder, which could be a plaster. All these components work together to give a 3D design. When the command to print a CAD model is given, the printer uses the slicing algorithm breaks the information into small fragments. For printer its laying brick by brick to give the model its shape ?


alaris 30 3d printer with model

What does a 3D printer needs ?

3D Print Model

It’s possible to print anything in 3D format but, there are some restrictions which will be resolved as more research is done in this field. The requirements are :

  • Files which are available in STL( stereo lithograph) format or VRML (Virtually Reality Modeling Language).
  • Not all CAD models can be printed as it is, because it is necessary to mention thickness of the wall etc.  However, this is available through 3rd party vendors.
  • Operating System like windows 2000, XP and NT are required.
  • Material used for printing are various types of plastic, like ABS, photo polypropylene etc.


Where it can be deployed ?

The most common area of deployment will be automotive, medical, the white goods industry. Broadly saying it will be useful for anybody who is dealing with designs and modeling. One of the major benefit is for people who go for designing new houses. It generally costs them around 15000RS, (300$ approx) and final design is not always the correct one. Moreover, the process takes a long time. Another disadvantage is that if you break the model its costly to make it again.

If you use a 3d printer, you save everything. It’s not only faster and only needs a button press to produce the model.  3D printers were introduced in 1996, but it came to India in 2000. The slow growth, which was prevailing at that time, didn’t make it work. Now scenes have changed; It has grown 3 folds. According to experts India is set to realize the power of 3D printing.

Available 3D Printers :

The first one we found is Alaris 3D desktop printing system. This 3D printer is made by a company named Object Geometries.  Mode is named as  Alaris30 and is capable of printing out detailed 3D models. Here, is one sample

3d Print Model

This printer size is pretty comfy, and you can have on your table. The models are printed out using Object’s patented Polyjet Inkjet Technology, which uses photo polymer materials in thin layers onto a tray and then it builds bits and pieces of the object layer by layer thus keeping the design intact.

Alaris 3d Desktop Printing

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  1. Hello Dear
    with you Eng. Ashraf Sharaf general manager for saudi company and we working in arts , graphic and engineering works
    we have now a lot of projects for making big maquetts for big construction projects in Saudi Arabia in jeddah and we need to buy 3d printer big size to do our projects , what do you advise me about this ?
    i have 3 laser machine in my company 2 axis and CNC router but we need high quality in small details
    attached file you find cad drawing including small part from our projects , it is easy to make this with all small details or not ?
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    ashraf sharaf

  2. i am working as a technical support engineer for the objet 3d printers, and this machine is getting popular day by day.

    as you are in soudi arabia, please make sure that you can buy a machine which manufactured in israel.

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