Process Hacker displays processes in threads

We had seen task  manager alternatives before but this time we found, Process Hacker,which is doing something new. After a process starts most of time it starts another process under it called as child process and it can again start another one thus become a parent itself. This continues. In case you had seen when you try to kill a process via default task manager in windows you get option of Kill the process and kill the process tree and process hackers just creates the tree so you get the correct understanding of how processes are related.

Rest of the things are almost same but a tree view makes it much clear for anybody to avoid killing of process which might be important. Another few advantages you get using process hackers are :

  • Create a window’s service using any program.
  • View processes which have been killed but running as zombies.
  • Verify File Signature of programs to make sure you have the right thing.
  • Easy DLL injection and unloading.

Creating Services out of any process is very interesting tool which process hacker has. You can have program integrated in windows and test it out without the need of any third part applications. Sounds good to me. Process Hacker can be downloaded from Sourceforge



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