Productive Chrome Browser’s Lab Features You Should Try

If you are using Chrome as your main browser, there are a lot of features available in Chrome, experimental, that you would love to try.  These features need no extension and might be releases as permanent option in coming version of Chrome. To see these features, type about:flags in a new tab. You will have to relaunch the browser again so make sure you have saved all your work if any.

Side Tabs : If you have a widescreen and moving mouse from one end to another is time-consuming, Side Tabs for chrome can move all your existing tabs to left side. So all tabs are not into a sidebar which can be accessed very quickly.

Side Tabs in Google Chrome Labs


Check for known conflicts with 3rd party modules. : This is useful if you do not want any plugin like Flash such as to crash the browser. This option makes sure it checks for any issues and warns you.

Print Preview in the Tab : Right click on any of the page and click on Print. This gives you a print preview of the that page and ability to print to any of the existing printer including the Google Cloud enabled Printers. This opens in a new tab, chrome://print/

Print Preview in Google Chrome

Click to Play : This option is useful for plugins which automatically start. For example if you go to couple of websites which automatically run a video or audio, using this option you get control which one to play and which one not to. However since this block it completely, you dont even get a preview which is annoying itself.

Content Settings for click to play

Once enabled, Go to Options > Under the Hood > Content Settings > Plugins and opt for Click to Play.

Click to Play for Plugins

Focus existing tab on open : This is like Switch to Tab feature of Firefox. Typing a URL which is already open switched to that tab instead of opening it again. I am sure this will come down as permanent feature of Google Chrome.

The New Tab , Redesigned : This new tab design is very different from existing one.  It brings panorama like screen separated in tabs at the bottom. So instead of having everything in one place you get in tabs. Very experimental.

Redesigned Tab of Chrome


Add grouping to tab context menu : Dint get too excited hearing the word group here. This feature doesn’t allow you to group tabs in Chrome but lets you select tabs which are from the same domain or are linked to each other in the way you opened them i.e. Opener.  It select the tabs by domain or opener.

Select by Opener or Domain

There are a lot of other options like disabling third part cookies etc but I will not suggest to use them as they are very experimental or required mostly by developers.


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