Productive YouTube Chrome Extensions

These YouTube Chrome extensions will help you making your time watch the videos productive by either bringing small features replace which you always used to repeat for every video or remove distractions so you can just watch the video in your proffered video resolution.

Type of Extensions discussed are Downloading videos, clean watch, replay part of the video, choose preferred play resolution, keeping track of your watched YouTube videos and so on. Enjoy it!!

YouTube Options for Chrome :

The most powerful plugin in the list specially for those who just want to see videos and not advertisements or sidebhar or comments etc. This extensions lets you control :

  • Hide in Video and Annotations.
  • Disable Auto Play
  • Set Proffered Resolution of the video to be played.
  • Hide Header, Sidebar, Comments, Video Suggestions.

At the end you get a white page with video inside !!

Clean YouTube Video


Auto Reply YouTube Videos :

If you wish to watch a YouTube Video music all day and just listen in background, Auto Replay is very handy. All you need is to select a check box at the end video on right which says AutoReplay. Now what is even more interesting is you can choose to replay which part of the video and it will just run that for you.

AutoReplay of YouTube Videos


Magic Actions for YouTube :

Sit back and Play with preconfigured options which you always do for most of the videos. This extension lets you configure how a YouTube video should behave.You can :

  • Play Videos in HD by default and set it to any resolution you want.
  • Block Auto Play of any video so you can use buffering.
  • Control Volume using your mouse wheel
  • Cinema Mode dims the background so you can concentrate only on the video.
  • Auto Replay
  • Works on YouTube video on any website
  • Removes Default controls of the video player.


Magic Action On YouTube Video



Preview of YouTube Video

If you can get to see what YouTube video has even before starting it, a lot of time can be saved.  YouTube Video Preview displays thumbnails of the video and lets you decide if the video is worth watching.

Download | Read more here

Display Title of YouTube Video links in Comments

If somebody has posted a comment with link of any YouTube video, this extension will make it pure HTML link with title of the link pulled and displayed. This is useful if somebody has just spammed.

YouTube Link Comment


Remember where you Watched it

Video History for YouTube keeps track of all the videos you watched on any website which makes it damn easy for you to find it the next day. The list maintains a Snapshot, Direct Link to video and where you watched it. It also lets you track a channel so if there is any video posted you get notified about it.

YouTube History Tracks


Video Quality Selector

This is an impressive quality selector which changes from one resolution to another if your preferred quality is not available i.e. If you always watch video in 720p but it’s not available for  a video you want to watch, it will select the next best. All this can be set and configured by you.

YouTube Video Quality Selector


YouTube Home Page Feed

Notifies about new videos that was uploaded by your friend or any channel you have subscribed. You also get notifications on favorite, Liked and Commented video. All these options can be changed.  This extension also allows you to control the Polling Interval to find new items and number of new items to be displayed.

This extension once added will need access to your YouTube Account to bring all details. Also it can get access to your data on YouTube and Your browsing history. So unless you are very comfortable don’t use this.

YouTube Home Page Feed



Lyrics for YouTube

Dont get what the artist is singing on the Video ? Lyrics for YouTube can get the lyrics right next to the video so you can read and understand it. Though it works for most of the popular videos but for new videos it might not.

YouTube Lyrics


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