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Lets say you create a video for selling one of the latest converters for video and you create a demo on you tube. Now people if they like it would have to go to the landing page of the product via the url you show in the video or any link you give in comments or description. This is like 2 steps.

But you can do it one step. What if you can add a button , a small message when people hover on the video and you can link the button to let the user check the landing page of the product, making it easier for them to buy. This way you can create a viral video for promoting your product.

Adding Links and buttons on your video on you tube
Adding Links and buttons on your video on you tube

Another thing you get with this is any body using the this video tag will l ink back to the link you had used in the make over.  Here is an example which I have created to link to my blog feed.Just hover your mouse over subscribe button and see.


  1. Hi Ashish,

    forgive my ignorance but how can I change the actual video on You Tube once I’ve got the embed code etc from – I just can’t see how to change it there – or will only work when we put the new Linked Tube version onto our own sites or blogs?

    Thanks for your help.


  2. Hi

    I click on “save and get the code” but I don´t understand where the embbed code is :s One other thing, I won´t be able to put this button on my actual video on youtube?

    thnx in advance!

  3. HI,
    I already go through linked tube, and it is easy to use
    however i have a simple question here, can i simply find one video which not belong to me and add a button on it, and use the video in my blog

    Pls Adv

    Thank you
    Best Regards


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