Ptable : The best online (Dynamic ) Periodic Table

Periodic Tables are must for a Chemistry student but since more of us venture online finding details out of old school periodic table is damn tough.  We need something that can just tell us all properties like melting point to hardness of an element when you click it.

PTable is a Dynamic Online Periodic table which you would love to use, specially if you love chemistry. This tool lets you :

  • Details of all the properties of an element as you mouse hover it.
  • Show full names and electrons details.
  • Explore details according to Group via Wikipedia or IUPAC.
  • All elements are categorized according to colors based on their nature i.e.  Metalloids Nonmetals,Other nonmetals, Halogens, Noble gases, Metals, Alkali metals,  Alkaline earth etc.
  • You can set it to expand for widescreen or just reduce details to see an overview.

The best feature is the Temperature Gauge. You can increase or decrease the temperature to see what would happen to the elements or what would be the state if the temperature is changed.

Check out Ptable


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