Pure Sync: Best folder sync software on Windows 10

Many a time you would like to keep a few sets of folder always in sync. For example, you have an essential document folder which you want to sync to another folder on a network computer or maybe on a backup drive. So anytime you add a file or change a file, the same is reflected in the destination folder. In this post, we are sharing software which can sync folder on Windows 10

Pure Sync: Best folder sync software on Windows 10

Pure Sync is a free tool, for personal usage, which lets you manage this situation. You can sync the outlook pst file or songs or even important document on laptop and desktop. So you get the same thing when you are on the move. Let’s get to know how Pure Sync works.

Creating a Sync Profile

Pure Snc lets you create multiple profiles to manage any number of folders you plan to synchronize. While creating a profile, it gives you these options:

  1. Synchronize folders
  2. Backup folder or drive
  3. Foto Sync for keeping pictures in a digital camera in sync
  4. Transfer Files between computers

Synchronizing Folders and Foto Sync are almost same, but with later you get files arranged according to the date. It makes sense as I would like to know when the pictures were taken.

Select options for Folder Sync

You get options to

  1. To include subfolders or only selected folders
  2. Create folders according to date. It is useful if you want to track according to date.
  3. Ask for a destination folder every time you sync. It gives you more control if you want to keep changing your destination folder — E.G. when you wish to copy it into a USB drive.
  4. Synchronize only few file types and skip some of them according to the extension.

folder sync software windows 10

Rules or Triggers to Sync folders

  • Automatically
  • When the destination drive is connected
  • When a file is modified. You can add some delay here which will help you if you want to revert.
  • Create a schedule
  • Get a report of what has changed, i.e. comparison results.

When you want to schedule synchronization

All these will become your sync profile. Further, you get the following options:

  • You can select an individual file to synchronize or not
  • Find conflicts
  • Copy from any of the folder.
  • Swap between two.

Synchronization at file level

I found the filters which are on the bar of the folders. They make the job for a novice user very easy.

Filter options in Pure Sync

Another significant feature which I saw in this program was that it could sync even locked files. Files like Outlook.pst are usually locked when the application is in use. To sync file like these, you will need admin privileges, NTFS file system and its only available in the pro version.

Pure Sync is an excellent desktop synchronization program for files and folders on Windows. It is not only easy to use, but it’s not heavy on the system. I would recommend this if you are looking for a free and efficient synchronization program.


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