What Angry Birds don’t have = Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Pandas

Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Pandas sounds like pretty long name for an app but it’s definitely a great game app and is definitely inspired from Angry Birds.  When I say what Angry Birds don’t have I mean :

  • Ability to select which weapon I want to use.
  • One of your team-mate is on the other side and if you kill him by chance, you loose. The game becomes very tough here.
  • Way of putting up the Instructions are different here. They are piled up together and the latest one comes in every level. If you want you can see the previous one right before starting the game.
  • More characters fighting here and hence you have more variation you can imagine. On top of that you will love the weapons.
  • It costs the same for iPad and iPhone 0.99 USD compared to angry birds which is priced heavily for iPad 4.99 USD
  • It changes how the levels get unlocked. For example the pandas level is open but Ninja, Zombies and Pirates are locked. You need to earn at least 30 stars to open the Pirates level

Panda Fight

Video Demo on YouTube

By no means I would say that this app is to replace Angry Birds but this game definitely brings a change and adds a lot of things angry birds don’t have. Overall this game is awesome on user experience, level of puzzle, types of weapon and graphics and on top it doesn’t cost much.

Download from iTunes


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