JavaScript based QR Code Generator lets you send website links between Mobile Phones

It may so happen that you need to leave your computer or existing mobile device for some work in between reading a webpage because somebody else wants to use it. This becomes inconvenient because you were deeply engaged with what you were reading.

Faisal @ Flashism came out with a nice solution which allows you to send a webpage link from any device to any other device letting you continue your reading by making use of the QR Code generator. This is much easier than just sending the link over email because most of the mobile devices have the ability to read QR Codes using their camera and open the webpage for you.

As a matter of fact, you can use this between mobile devices also by first generating the QR Code in the browser and then scan it using your camera pointing to the mobile where you were reading already. Faisal came out with this solution when one of his mobile was about to shutdown because of drained battery. Below is a video demo :

Installing the code on Mobile and PC :

  • Visit this post of Faisal where you can find the Javascript Code
  • Copy The code and add it to your favorites.
  • To create a new favorite in the browser : Add a new Bookmark >  Add a name & paste the code in place of the URL.
Add New Bookmark for QR Code Javascript

How to use it ?

  • First open the page for which you want to generate the QR Code.
  • Select the QR Code Bookmark you just added.
  • This will open a small popup which will have the QR Code.
  • Scan it using your mobile camera and it will launch the page.

QR Code generator

These steps are same for both mobile device and desktop browser. If you have seen the video above you will know how to do it anywhere. This code is compatible with most browsers and should work on any mobile device which can read QR Code.

This script is based on old Google Charts APIs which is my only concern here. In case the API is pulled off, this might not just work.  I seriously wish this becomes a defacto in all browsers.



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