Quick Config changes network profile, default printer and more in a click

Moving into different network and domain environment is common these days, specially for people who need to visit lot of clients and get in and out of their working area all the time. Though Windows 7 allows you to choose security settings for networks and also the default printer according to that but still there is lot many things like changing IP address, hosts files, routing table, default email client is not supported.

Quick Config is a windows application which fills this missing feature in Windows 7 ( or any earlier version of windows ) which we might see getting into the core of the operating system. I remember this being asked by many in Windows 7 launch party.

Quick config settings
Quick config settings

Features of Quick Config :


  • Network connections TCP/IP settings (IP address, mask, gateway, DNS server, MAC), state of network connection
  • Computer identification computer name, domain or workgroup membership
  • Mapped Network Drives map, unmap network drives
  • Shared resources share, unshare local resources
  • Hosts file
  • Routing table


  • Sound sound volume, sound theme
  • Printer set default printer
  • Services start, stop, restart system services

Internet Browser

  • Internet Explorer network connection settings, Home Page
  • Firefox network connection settings, Home Page
  • Opera network connection settings, Home Page
  • Chrome network connection settings, Home Page


  • Display screen dimensions, color depth


  • Default applications default Internet Browser, E-Mail client
  • Launch applications launch selected applications after applying profile

Thats a lot of configurations you can handle and switch. You can download the software and find more information of the product from here. Via Nirmal TV

If you are only interested to switch IP addresses when you switch network, try out NetCon which is a simple network profile switching manager.


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