Quick Diff: easily examine the differences between two pieces of text

I somehow examining the differences between two pieces of text is your requirement, here is a nice online tool, which allows you to do so, Quick Diff.

Quick Diff is damn easy to use as shown below.

There are some options on this page and their meanings are as follows –

Trim Lines

Trims empty spaces on the beginning and end of each line on both inputs prior to comparing

Remove Empty Lines

Removes empty lines on both inputs prior to comparing

Remove excess Whitespace

Removes any instances of two or more subsequent whitespaces and replaces it with a single one

Options for diff algorithms:


Shows the differences side by side


Shows the differences inline, using the Pear Diff Class

This tool sounds pretty useful for developers, when they are trying to find out those small looking differences in codes.

So, if you too come across such scenarios where you want to compare text files, give it a try.

Try Quick Diff

Need to test your code online without any software, Try Codepad, The Online Compiler.

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