Quick Edit the Enviroment Variables in Windows

Environment Variables are key value pair in Windows which allows many programs to pickup their basic requirements from global definitions. In short they are like master data used by windows and many other programs. To edit them you need to follow the steps below

  • Type in Environmental in your Start Menu
  • Click on Edit Environment variables in your  account / System.
  • Then you will meet a screen which has been same since Windows 98. ( I really hate that )
  • Then you need to go back and forth to edit the data. Too Cumbersome.

This is tedious and boring but if you use the QuickEnv app you gonna love it  and  do the task much quicker.

Quick Edit Environment Settings
Quick Edit Environment Settings

This program gets you a drop down to access all your Variable names and a big clean editor which can help you add / remove data quickly. You can also do it for current use or the complete system. If you edit a variable more often just add it to Favorite list.

Very useful for programmers and system admins. The only missing feature is Network access which would be really useful for bulk editing system variables in an IT company. Download Quick Dev | Thanks Abhishek


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