Quick Features of Office One Note 2010 to take notes faster

One Note is one way you can go paperless anytime. Instead of looking for pages or scratching down text to remember it next time, if you have MS Office, One Note just rocks.

In Office 2010, One Note comes with 2 quick button available on top left which will help you take note faster and increase your productivity.

  • Dock It : The first button can dock One note to left and let you open windows side by side. This way if you ware watching a video, hearing an audio or reading a document, you can use this feature to do things parallel.
  • Go Full Screen : This is equally important when you just want to note down. It not only gives you more space on the screen but since ribbon menu of One Note comes as collapsed by default you get space more then expected.
One note faster not taking

Bonus Tip :

Since I upgraded my Office 2010 without any problem, I had few mails asking me if  One  can change format of One Note back to 2007 or if you have 2007 format how do you change it to 2010.

For this you need to open the Onenote properties of it. Just go to Back Office > Info  and You will see the list of all Notes which is current open. Go to settings and then properties  window.

Right on property window you would see Change to 2010 or Change to 2007. Either of this button will be enabled depending on which format you are.


  1. Is there a way of docking the OneNote window where I want?
    On my system it docks to the top of the screen, which is far less convenient
    that on the side.When I first used Linked Notes (a wonderful feature, of course), the docking was indeed at the left side (which is also where I keep my Taskbar, since my screen is wide).

    At some point, the docking went to the top, and I found no way of moving it.

    Where do you control that position?


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