Quick Fix issues in Windows XP in a button click

Even though Windows 7 is rolling out fast and people are either switching or upgrading to it, Windows XP will stay for a while both in corporate environment or home till the support exists.

So if you are one of the person still using Windows XP, here is a small application which solves Windows XP major and regular issues with just on click. XP Quick Fix Plus is a portable application which solves 40 small problems in Windows XP. Here is the list :

  1. Enable Task Manager
  2. Enable Registry Editor
  3. Stop My Documents Open at Startup
  4. Enable Folder Options
  5. Restore Missing Run Dialog
  6. Open With Choose Program
  7. Duplicate context Menu Entries on a Shortcut
  8. No Switch to Classic View in Control Panel
  9. Enable CMD
  10. Restore My Computer Properties
  11. Restore Device Manager
  12. Fix delay Opening My computer / explorer
  13. Restore Grayed Explorer and taskbar Toolbars
  14. Boot.ini tab is missing in MSCONFIG
  15. Search Companion when Double Click a folder or drive
  16. Lock the taskbar grayed out in taskbar properties
  17. Restore my document properties
  18. Remove OEM Splash and Wallpaper
  19. Restore Network places to desktop.
  20. Enable Recovery Console
  21. Restore Grayed File associations.
  22. Double click compressed folder opens search
  23. Shortcuts does not run at Windows Startup
  24. Tool/Ti[ds display incomplete information on network files.
  25. Fix Right click error
  26. Fix slow network file/ shared / remote.
  27. Restore network icon to system tray.
  28. Fix Slow hotkey.
  29. CD/DVD drive is missing or not recognized.
  30. Error 1606 when using Windows Installer.
  31. Items are missing at right-click in the desktop.
  32. Turn off computer missing  from start menu.
  33. Fix CD Auto display.
  34. Restore send to context menu.
  35. Restore the native zip file integration.
  36. Fix Error 1606 Could not access network location.
  37. Error when tying to access Add / Remove program.
  38. Duplicate icons in desktop.
  39. Security center alert at Every Startup/
  40. Security level in Internet Explorer Grayed.

You can read more and download the application from LeluSoft (Via Lifehacker)


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