How to Merge and Combine Multiple Images into One

You would miss spending time with your loved ones in your busy lives, and often they are long distant. While it becomes difficult to catch up, you would think of cherishing the time you spend together. You would want a photo frame at home for such memories or even gift it to someone. In such a scenario, you would be looking for how to merge and combine multiple images into one, and we have covered you all with it!

Best Tools to Merge and Combine Multiple Images into One

We have compiled four different methods to help you combine multiple images into one.

  1. Merge and Combine Multiple Images into One PNG
  2. Merge and Combine Multiple Images into One PDF
  3. Combine Multiple Images into a Group Portrait
  4. Merge Multiple Images into Google Docs

Let’s check out each method with the desired tool to help you combine multiple images hassle-free.

1] Merge and Combine Multiple Images into One PNG

You want to create a collage for your beloved ones for various reasons. In such a scenario, it becomes essential that the quality is maintained before you get a hard copy. Thus, you would try your best to make it into a PNG that supports complex illustrations; therefore, there’s a tool that helps!

Adobe Express

Are you considering gifting your loved one a collage on their birthday?

If yes, then Adobe Express is a must-check on your list!

Abode Express

It is a simple graphic designing tool that aces at combining multiple images into one collage. There are two options to create. At first, you can select photos, and it will auto-generate a PNG with a template whose frame you can change. Another is to choose a background or a solid color, then select and add images.


  • The in-built background remover tool lets you eliminate the background of photos.
  • Rich set of fonts and formatting options for you to enhance your collage. Besides, the Recommended options prompt the best fonts for your PNG.
  • Plenty of inbuilt merges and combine templates for you to customize for the most artistic results
  • Let you add elements, shapes, and even stock images into your PNG collage
  • It enables you to set the image size before and even resize it
  • Allows you to select the color scheme using several presets

Image Combine via Adobe Express



  • Beginners might find it challenging to figure out the way to merge images
  • In the free plan, you have limited features, and background remover is also available in the pro-version

Check out the tool here

2] Merge and Combine Multiple Images into One PDF

It is optional that you always have a printer handy at your home, or it might support colorful images. But when there are multiple images, it can be challenging to help out the shopkeeper with how you want the layout to be. Thus, you would like to convert it into a PDF to make it print-ready, but that might sound tricky as fewer tools let you do so.


Do you want to print many of your pictures from the print shop?

If yes, then you would be looking for a tool that lets you merge and combine multiple images into one!

In such a scenario, SmallPDF is what helps you with the same. All you have to do is upload all your images individually or as a single image collage. Further, upload them into the tool’s interface, and then it will convert them into PDFs.

Open Small PDF


  • Easy drag and drop lets you quickly generate PDFs with a few clicks
  • No limit to the number of images you can upload
  • With the lock PDF feature, you can quickly secure your images
  • Works both online and offline as in the latter case, you can use its application

Upload Images to Merge in One PDF

Download the Merge Files


  • Quicker results generation
  • Well-organized layout
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • It doesn’t diminish image quality in the process


  • Too many ads

Check out the tool here

3] Combine Multiple Images into a Group Portrait

Your friends and family are the pillars of your happiness. But it’s not possible that they will be around us forever. There might be situations when you don’t have a group portrait together, or they miss out on some of your important occasions. You miss their presence and would like to have a group portrait with them for the occasion. There’s no need for a graphic designer for this purpose!


Do you want to create a group portrait with your squad or family and don’t know Photoshop?

If yes, then Canva is all you need!

It is a comprehensive tool that lets you create group portraits how you like. Whether it be removing backgrounds or templates, the tool has it all integrated into one place to help with the creation process.

Open Canva App


  • Various templates and overlays to add and ease your group portrait creation
  • Available both as an online tool and as an app for download
  • Let’s you choose a custom canvas of a particular size and even resize the existing one
  • Let you animate elements and pictures of your group portrait
  • Use a brush to create an artistic impact
  • Export into your desired file format
  • Reducing opacity makes the merging process simpler

Merge Group Images via Canva


  • Meticulous precision in each of the tasks
  • Easy to use
  • Adds no watermark unless you use premium elements without paying
  • No need to save to your device as Canva Cloud gives you easy access options


  • Requires a high-speed internet connection for stable functionality

Check out the tool here

4] Merge Multiple Images into Google Docs

Do you want to merge multiple images into one Word document, and your device is incompatible with Microsoft Office?

If yes, then Google Docs is what you need!

Google Docs

It is a part of Google Workspace, which you can use online or download its mobile or desktop app. It is one of the most user-friendly word processors, which is free to use. You must create a table, insert images into every section, and complete your task.

Open Google Docs


  • You can add borders to individual images.
  • It lets you resize and align images, thus offering multiple formatting options.
  • Highlighting a column works similarly to adding a background color
  • Real-time collaboration with access controls
  • Let’s you name versions and track changes, and thus you can take your acquaintances’ opinions on it.
  • Integration with Google Drive to access your images into the Word Document from anywhere

Merging Images in Google Docs


  • Entirely free to use
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Minimalist Interface
  • Quicker functioning


  • App crashes if Google Drive storage is full

Check out the tool here


You would have got your answer about how to merge and combine multiple images into one! There are different available tools; however, we have mentioned only the reliable and best ones under the category. Adobe Express helps if you want the results in a PNG, while SmallPDF helps make your images print-ready into a PDF format.

The best one is Canva, which lets beginners combine and merge multiple images to create a group portrait. What’s most underrated is that you can merge images into a Word document, and Google Docs lets you do so irrespective of your device.


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