Quickly convert MS Excel files in to MySQL tables

Xls2mysql is an online tool to convert MS Excel (.xls only) files to MySQL tables, simply browse to locate the file on your local storage, and then click on the ‘Submit Query’ button, as shown below.

Later in second step, it will extract the column names from the excel file to make the same columns in MySQL table, also it allows you to choose the datatype for the elements in particular column. It can also pickup the datatype which you have set in the excel, for example date.

Sample excel
Sample excel
MS Excel files to MySQL

Later simply click on the ‘Create the PHP code!’ button, and soon it will give you the code, use it to get the MySQL table, as shown below.

Code for MySQL table, converted from Excel

Xls2mysql is a nice online tool, and probably the easiest way to create MySQL tables using the MS Excel file.

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