Quickly Copy / Move files to predefined folders : Drop Zone

Arranging files and folders from a big mess which can be your desktop or the cluttered download folder is a big task. Below is a common way which most computer users follow :

  • Open all the destination folders.
  • Open the folder from where you want to copy or move files.
  • Select and then copy to respective folders
  • Delete files from the source folder.

Boring task and most of the time you spend time cross checking if the files were copied.

So how do you make this more productive ?  One good option is add the destination folders to SendTo Folder and just right click and move it there but then sometimes you need to move instead of copy.  The second option we found today is an free software,  Drop Zone.

How Drop Zone Works

This application acts as receiver of any number of folders or files you want to copy or move and then gives you option to choose between the list of folders you want to copy. This list of folders is created by you before you actually start using this application. Lets check the video demo ( Direct Link )

How to change settings and add more paths :

Like you saw in the demo, right-click on the application and select Edit Settings. Here you get option to change operation and add paths. You can change operation to Copy or Move or Ask ( where you need to choose between Copy and Move ). Also under [Dest_Folder_Paths] you can enter as many destination folder paths as you want in the format  Menu Entry|Folder path That is a pipe character between the menu entry and the  folder path. Do not have space between them.

Use a dash (-) character for a menu separator if you want to group folders. There is no option to give a category name here though.

Drop Zone Settings

Download Drop Zone from here


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