Best Proxy Switchers To Switch Proxy in a Browser

In this era of digital expansion, remaining safe on the web is a huge priority. That has led to the increasing usage of proxies and proxy services. Do you use multiple proxies? Do you want to opt for the best proxy switchers to switch proxies in a browser? Then read this post to know about them.

What is Proxy Switcher?

To understand what a proxy switcher is, you need to know more about a proxy. A proxy is an intermediate server that hides the actual IP address of the user and provides a proxy address. It assures anonymity to the user and aids in gathering information from restricted websites.

In essence, a proxy switcher is a tool or an extension that aids users in switching proxies seamlessly. It is present on the toolbar popup UI. That way, you can hide your IP address on the web successfully. All the sites you visit will fail to store your actual IP address.

Some users need more than one proxy for their work. In that case, opting for a proxy switcher is the best solution. It is an excellent proxy management tool that allows users to switch between various proxies based on their needs. Manually switching proxies costs time and energy!

How Does a Proxy Switcher Work?

A proxy switcher redirects the instruction of the user to the proxy selected. After that, the selected proxy works for the user and maintains communication with the server. The process remains the same when the user changes the proxy.

Best Proxy Switchers To Switch Proxy in a Browser

Best Proxy Switchers To Switch Proxy in a Browser

There are various switchers present in the market. You need to opt for the one that fits your needs the best. Here’s the list of best proxy switchers to switch proxy in a browser:

  1. Best Proxy Switcher
  2. Proxy Switcher and Manager
  3. Proxy Switcher
  4. BB Proxy Switcher
  5. Proxy Switchy Omega
  6. SmartProxy

Please take a look at all of them one by one below.

1] Best Proxy Switcher (Chrome and Firefox)

Best Proxy Switcher and Manager Browser Extension

Created by an experienced team of professionals, Best Proxy Switcher is an excellent proxy switcher. The experts have experience in creating proxy services from the year 2004. With this proxy switcher, one can use their proxies. Alternatively, users can download the most popular list on the site for free. You will never have to pay a penny in this lifetime!

The website, provides 10,000+ active proxy servers each day. They have delivered such excellent service for the last ten years. The website is trendy in various countries. If you can’t access,, you can instead use

Another appealing aspect is the provision for webmasters and other users. If you need more proxies, you can register on the website. The charges are placed at 9.99 USD to get unlimited access to the database of company. Users are also allowed access to the VPN proxy servers (premium).

Download for Chrome | Download for Firefox 

2] Proxy Switcher and Manager (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge)

Proxy Switcher and Manager Browser Extension

Proxy Switcher and Manager is one of the most popular and reliable proxies. The proxy switcher comes with different proxy types. These include No Proxy mode (direct), PAC Script mode, auto-detect proxy mode, and manual modes (HTTPS and SOCKS). You can manage and choose the proxy you want seamlessly.

Check out the toolbar icon to know the proxy type you currently use. Other exciting features include support of the inline PAC script, support of the badge text, etc. It also displays the failed resources and shows the reason.

Download for Chrome | Download for FirefoxDownload for Edge

3] BP Proxy Switcher (Chrome)

BP Proxy Switcher and Manager Browser Extension

Look no further if you are looking for a reliable and efficient proxy switcher! The BP Proxy Switcher is one of a kind and is perfect for Chrome. With BP Proxy Switcher, you can easily add the proxies you want. After uploading, you can switch between the proxies with simple clicks.

Perhaps, the most exciting aspect is the auto-rotate feature. Here, you can switch between the proxies after 60 seconds. Other features include displaying the country for the proxy and deleting the cache before the switch.

Download for Chrome

4. Proxy SwitchyOmega (Chrome and Firefox)

SwitchyOmega Best Proxy Switcher and Manager Browser Extension

Proxy SwitchyOmega is one of the best proxy management tools for Firefox and Chrome. It is an open-source tool having a GitHub codebase. It means anyone on GitHub can add to the codebase of this proxy tool.

With Proxy SwitchyOmega, you can easily manage different proxy files. It also aids in switching between the proxies effortlessly. You won’t have to spend much time on this. Moreover, there is no need to set up individual parameters for all the proxies. The tool handles the proxies simultaneously.

Download for Chrome | Download for Firefox

5] SmartProxy (Chrome)

SmartProxy Best Proxy Switcher and Manager Browser Extension

The last proxy switcher on the list is SmartProxy. It is one of the best proxy management tools for Chrome. With this extension, you can switch and handle different proxies with ease. One of the most exciting aspects of this tool is that there is no need to change the proxies manually.

This proxy tool enables and disables a site proxy after identifying the pattern and configuration. Now, users do not have to waste time switching between the proxies.

Download for Chrome


These are the list of the best proxy switchers. You can choose any one from the above list for your needs. Remember that knowing more about them will aid in making a better decision. For instance, if security is the primary concern, go for the proxy switcher with a manual mode.

However, if you need speed, you can choose automatic proxy switchers—that aids in the quick switching of the proxies present in the proxy pool. Using any of these proxy switchers will aid in simplifying the proxy-changing procedure on your browser.

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