Radial makes typing in iPad Faster and easier

Typing on iPad is a bit of pain when you need to hold it with one hand and type with another, specially when you need to write long emails. Its pain because you cannot reach all the keys holding it with both the hands both in landscape and portrait mode.It is also very difficult to reach the keys which are at the center of the default keyboard.

Radial is a custom keyboard app which is trying to make typing  lot easier for you. This app redesigns the keyboard by breaking it into two parts and sticks to the two corners of the iPad ( radially) where you hold it. This means all the keys are in reach of your thumb!!.

Radial Keyboard Portrait Mode

Another very continent feature is writing email. Since the default keyboard cannot be replaced by this, radial comes with an email editor where you can type in your complete email and then one tap copies everything to your default email editor.

Radial Keyboard Landscape Mode

Apart from this it also :

  • Auto Copies everything you type as soon as you exit the app.
  • Supports auto correction.
  • If you connect this with Facebook and Twitter, lets you directly post from the user interface.
  • Make a search.
  • Typing aid i.e. Heads-up-display shown in the middle of the screen, so you know what you just typed.

It will feel a bit odd when you first start using it but once you know which keys are where, you will be typing in speed. This app is absolutely free and can be downloaded from iTunes.


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