Rapid Share Search Engine – Find Rapidshare file links

If you are looking for a file on Rapidshare, finding it over there is difficult due to high cpatcha checks and heavy traffic. Next thing you can try is the web but then you need to go to the site and then follow the link from there. Now if you use, Rapid Search Engine, a search engine built to find and index all rapidshare links on the internet both these problems are solved.

What it does is give you links to both the website that contains the link to RS file and lists all the RS file links in that page separately.  This is useful if you want to skip double visit or need to check the source for any kind of password for the RS file.

Rapid Search Engine


Features :

  •  Grab Rapidsare link from any website and lists separately using the on demand, get  RS links.
  • Directly links to Cached Pages also. This is useful when you want to find any keys or password of the RS file but the website is down.
  • It also provides RSE Tools which can grab the rapidshare links from any page you are browsing, any RS file links which is available in the links available on that webpage etc.

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