Re-Sign multiple APK files with Test or Private or Your Own Keys

If you are an Android Developer with tons of APK files that needs to resigned again with different key or need to replace the test keys with your private keys, doing it with the developer tool can take a lot of effort and time both.

AndyHarney @ XDA-Forums has developed a tool which allows you to batch sign such APK files with a test key or a private key of your own which can be generated right there. You can also ZipAlign APKs. This tool is right now available only for Windows.

How to use this tool ?

  • Download the tool from here and unzip
  • Get all your APK in the input folder of the extracted file.
  • Make sure you have the JDK 7 installed. It will pick the path from the default or if it is not, it changes it temporarily to use it and then restores it back.
  • Launch the Signare.exe
  • This will launch the tool in command prompt where you will get an interactive menu.
  • The options are : Sign APKs test key, Sign APKs Private Key, ZipAlign APK, Generate a private key.
Signare Sign APK Files
In case you get an error while uploading your App to Marketplace which says “Invalid Signature” or something, try reassigning with a new key since it is possible that might have change some references or you have reedited your APK which can be creating an issue.
This tool is planned for Linux and Mac and make it Java Independent so for other platforms you need to keep an eye on the thread and grab when it comes out.


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