Read books faked as presentations at your workplace

We have been posting about several reading resources, like getting the books in installments in your inbox, a rich free e-books download resource, suggestions of your next read etc.

Here we will be talking about another awesome book reading resource, which is not just a collection of books; rather it comes with an arrangement which allows you to read books leaving an impression on your colleagues and boss, as if you are working on some presentation, with lots of graphs and other detailed entities, sounds cool, isn’t it?

Read at Work is an online resource which lets you read the books in a fashion as described above.

How it works –

As soon as you access the page in browser it opens a Windows XP like login screen, which shows just one account which could be logged, login just by a click, as soon as clicked the browser goes full screen and opens a fake XP desktop in front of you, have a look at snapshot below.

Here you will see 5 different folders, named as ‘Short Stories’, ‘Poetry’, ‘NZ Authors’, ‘Classics’ and ‘Black Comedy’, these folders and nothing but a kind of categorization.

Now, double-click and open a folder, the folders will give you an impression of containing some Power Point presentations, click on any one of them depending upon the name of book which you want to read, it will load as a full screen presentation (.pps or .ppsx) file.

Once loaded, start reading and click to move on, you can see here how this gives an impression of some very detailed presentation.

So move on and keep reading, there are several books on Read at Work.

So go ahead and try it, if you work in a office under a very strict boss, this is for you, go ahead and enjoy, in fact even if the case is not the one as said here, still it’s a good way to enjoy books, at least until you don’t end up reading all the books here.

Go and read books @ Read at Work, do share with us what do you have to say about this online reading resource.


  1. Funny idea. But I don’t know if it will be very practical, reading can be annoying with all those graphs.


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