Read Emails from PST / OST files without Outlook

Lets say you have switched to a new computer and have the PST or OST file , but don’t have Outlook Installed and nor have internet configured so you can read the details of a particular mail or note which you stored in your Outlook.  You are stuck because Windows does not have a PST / OST viewer in place.

Note : OST files are used with Live Accounts or Exchange Server .

If you are in above situation, Kernel Outlook PST and OST viewer is a very handy tool which lets you read emails, attachments, contacts etc. Since this is viewer it only lets you view and not extract.

Outlook OST Viewer

Depending on how big is your PST / OST file it takes a bit of time to load all the emails and make it ready for you to read. The loading icon shows on the menu bar so best is to wait for it to disappear. You can view all the folders inside PST file like they where in Outlook. Select the check box to load a particular folder. In case it is password protect

Outlook PST Viewer


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