Read Lyrics while listening to songs with Lyrics Plugin

Lyrics Plugin, is an excellent add-on, crafted for music lovers. Its possible that now you can read the lyrics of the track being played by you in Winamp or Windows Media Player and iTunes, This can come very handy in case the songs you listen has complex words or something pronounced very differently ( ROCK SONGS )!!!!

How the Plugin works when you play the song

Music files has something called as ID3 tag. These tags define the where and about of any song. So, if the song you are playing, has tags matching to some entry on the database, you will get the lyrics displayed in your lyrics window.

If somehow you don’t find the lyrics, you can simply click on the Edit Button given in the lyrics window, and enter the Title, Artist, and Lyrics. This entry will be submitted to the database, and next person who listens to this song will have the lyrics, so in this way you are helping and a music lover of your kind.

Edit Music Tags


Before you edit the lyrics, you should try changing the tags, i.e. Title, Artist, Album.

Add Lyriucs to ID3 Data


As sometimes you might not be able to see the lyrics, just because the file you are playing doesn’t have tags, or wrong tags. Plugin for Windows Media Player too, has same properties too.


Installation of these Plugins is simple as any other installations, once you are done with the installation part, open your Winamp, if you don’t see the lyrics window, just get it by Alt+Y. Attach it with Winamp as per your convenience, regarding the position and dimension.

Lyrics Plugin for Winamp or Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player, can be downloaded here.I liked this plugin a lot, hope you too like it.