Now you can Read / Write contents of PST Files

Here is a good news for people who were long waiting for Microsoft to Open up their Outlook Personal Folders File Format or the PST format which is declared officially. The document says :

This document specifies the Outlook Personal Folders File Format, and provides the necessary technical information required to read and write the contents of a Personal Folders File (PST). This document also specifies the minimum requirements for a PST file to be recognizable as valid in order for implementors to create PST files that can be mounted and used by other implementations of the protocol.

You can find the documentation .

This announcement has opened up lot of options to developers as well as Business where integration with Outlook and other email clients was a necessity when it came to heterogeneous environment. You will be able to migrate the data or keep it in sync with other with customizations. I can see lot of PST extractor showing up soon 😉


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