Read your PDF files, the flip style (like a book)

Pokat Reader - Portable PDF readerSeveral PDF readers are available in the market; we do have many choices, online and offline options, apart from this you can also go for portable readers, depending upon requirements and system configuration, a choice can be made.

POKAT reader is a pretty different from the PDF readers you would have came across up till now. The most eye catching feature which differentiates it from other PDF readers is, the new  “Flip-Style” reading experience, yes, now you can read your PDF files by turning pages, as if you are reading a book.

Pokat Animnated PDF reader with Flip Style
Pokat Flip style PDF Reader

Here is a Animated Image , watching it will let you have a look at how the POKAT reader provides the Flip-Style reading for PDF files.

The free version of POKAT reader has following features –

  • Drag and drop a PDF file into POKAT reader to get them in Flip-Style.
  • Library feature, so that you can open the files from POKAT reader itself, without browsing them every time.
  • Library backup.
Pocket Readers Functions and Options
Pocket Readers Functions and Options
  • Zoom the pages with mouse click.
  • Skins available, background color can be changed.
  • Print pages, by giving the page numbers or print entire PDF file.
  • Rotation of pages can also be done, in order to make them more legible.

My Experience with POKAT reader –

  • Opening and reading pages the Flip-Style is a great functionality, makes reading a pleasure.
  • Availability of skins, which changes the background color of reader for you, adds up a little more spice to PDF reading.
  • Library function works fine and is quite useful.
  • Unavailability of two very important features, i.e select/copy text, and snapshot of images, in the free version, stops POKAT reader to be the default reader for several users, these features are available in Foxit.
  • The setup file is 6.57mb which is smaller as compared to many popular PDF readers.
  • POKAT reader is not very heavy on resources.

As of now POKAT reader is available only for Windows, the MAC version is expected soon, you can leave your email address with them, at their homepage, and they will let you know when its released.

Try POKAT reader and share your experiences, I have installed it and kept as a secondary PDF reader on my system, leaving Foxit, as the default reader, the users who read loads of PDF files, POKAT reader will definitely attract them, have your say.

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