Top 5 Fascinating Reasons Why You Must Have a Wireless Router

In this 21st century, the internet has and still is becoming more of a basic human need. I mean, you who is not tech-enabled, you have a smartphone, a laptop or tablet, and wifi. You can access social media, send emails, and search for information online. Imagine now with all these experiences; you go live in a place with none of those – worse enough with no electricity. Well, I bet if not a real prison for you, it will feel like you are living in some virtual world – you will feel much uncomfortable.

Top 5 Fascinating Reasons Why You Must Have a Wireless Router

The thing here is that you need the internet for higher and lots of advantages in this current world. One of the essential devices in this line, helping us to access fast and reliable internet connectivity are routers. They are available in different brands and models and, as expected, offer different performance states. Wireless router types have been on use in various situations where convenience and effectiveness are considered most. These cases involve the simultaneous connection of more devices; smartphones, printers, and computers, among others, all at the same time.

There are quite a several reasons why buyers opt for wireless routers. Some of these are personal, while others depend on the workability and specifications of these devices. Below are some top key reasons why put comprehensively.

Offers security to your network

How secure your router network is should hit you the most. A wireless router in its design favors users as they need not go the extra mile in, providing additional system security measures to their system. In itself, wireless router it is a protector. It acts as a firewall, shielding external devices from directly accessing those connected to your network. It enables this by making the access process highly challenging thus, at the end of it prevents hacking.

Internal network routers scarcely expose any devices’ ports to an external network. Thus is makes it quite complicated for several ports to scan attacks on your computer or any of your home devices.

In the prevention of any malicious act, site, or connection, your router firewall runs ahead of any of these processes to check their safeties before allowing access.

Wireless connectivity

The bit of wireless connectivity feature makes such devices quite impressive in their use. If you’ve noticed, several modern network routers do have an in-built security option of a wireless access point (WAP). Most of these are, however, relatively expensive but not too much to exceed $100. They enable ease of logging on and off from your wireless network minus lots of configurations.

Wireless connectivity enables you to wirelessly connect more devices depending on the kind of model you are having. Despite that, it adamantly assists you in identifying and eliminate all the free-loaders to your network. Also, to prevent strange device connections to your system, the wireless connectivity feature enables you to create a functional password give it only to those you approve of their use of it.

Connection Sharing

Wireless connectivity among routers is a key feature enabling the sharing of internet networks to more and different client devices in a more contemporary fashion. Usually, such networks are from a single source (ISP). From the router modern, it can serve your laptops, smartphones, tablets, and many other devices like the fridge and TVs.

If you have a compatible printer, wireless sharing can be quite efficient in your printing. You will not have to connect wires all over. You can execute the printing command while in your bedroom and get it done in your living room.

Equally, with these wireless routers, you do not enjoy the wireless connectivity only but wired one as well. Most of them come with Ethernet ports via which you can connect your desktop to get steady fast internet speeds.

Comprehensive Network Coverage

Among the main reasons why it is essential to have a wireless router is because of its extensive coverage in terms of its network. It is not always that you want to sit in one room where your desktop machine is connected. At times, you need to move around your house, chatting with friends, answering emails while in the kitchen or video-calling when you are out at your lounge.

Well, you can’t have wires all running all over your house, to the sitting room, veranda, bedroom kitchen and so on. Here is where the wireless connection plays a core role. Quality routers will always offer an extensive network coverage and feature a secure WiFi connection. With such connections, you can access the internet from your devices anywhere within your router’s coverage. This may include both your indoor and outdoor zones.

User-friendly interface

No one likes compliancy. First wireless routers were a little more complicated to use than the current ones. Today, setting up a wireless router only takes you a few minutes. Most products include a simple guide to ensure; you can do it yourself without getting tech-challenged.

Some of the improvements involve the different user apps affiliated to these routers. Netgear’s Genie App is one o them. Through them, we can customize various settings on your routers even when far away. As the owner, therefore, you can be able to monitor any activity via your network from wherever you are. Hence you can know who logged in and when without much struggle. Further, you can put restrictions to you’re your network, not to allows precise users to access particular sites.

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The current market floods with various wireless router brands and models you can choose from. Of cause, not all of them suites your need. There are those highly reputed ones that you can trust right from their outward design. However, the best way to go about buying and of these models is looking keenly into their technical specifications.

The best wireless routers you should go for are those offering strengthy connections over comprehensive coverage.  Such will provide you with high-speed connectivity, which you can use in live streaming or playing of your Esport games. Such, you will only find them at relatively higher prices. Otherwise, for better experiences, you should have a high performing modem as well as a reliable ISP.


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