Receive SMS and Call notification on computer

Nokia PC suite in it’s latest update has integrated SMS notification and Call notification ( for certain phones ) which is very helpful if you keep your phone on silent or on vibration all time like me. I do it just because it distracts me much when I am on PC. You need to keep the phone connected to PC all time either by Blue tooth or USB cable.

The SMS notification on Computer

It works absolutely fine on the PC with both USB cable connection and Bluetooth. You receive a notification of new message (I wish it would have displayed contact name and number too ) and when you click on it you can read the message right on your PC. You can also reply back to the SMS from your computer with PC suite interface.

Get Sms and call notification on computer

The Call Notification on Computer

This feature works but doesn’t work with all phones and sometimes works only on when your Nokia mobile is connected with USB Cable which will never be a desired way if you have a bluetooth but if you dont, I  guess you will be happy. This is a sample how it worked on of the persons.

Notification On Computer on Phone Calls
Notification On Computer on Phone Calls

You can read an intresting thread here which says that since Nokia Cable is a product of Nokia it will work but since Bluetooth is not a Nokia product it might  not. However this should be because of the Nokia PC Suite itself than being just a cable problem. You can download the Nokia PC Suite from here


  1. I use float’s mobile agent which is more than any pc suite for all mobile management operations. Just check it out 🙂

  2. The Call and Sms notifiers are great, but it would be better to answer the call using my PC headphones and mic. instead of using my phone.

  3. hii , is there any third party software to record the incomming call of a mobile to you pc , iam in need of such software , do let me know if any knows such software


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