Record Skype calls in MP3 format

Free Sky call recorder is a perfect solution if you had been looking forward to record skype calls, Skype Out or when people call your skype number from local landlines.  The recording is made in MP3 format with options of Recording mode as mono, stereo, Joint Stereo and Recording Bitrate as 32, 64 or 128. You can also configure where the recording are stored.

This is specially useful if you have a client call or any important discussion which you like to hear again and again. To start using it, once you have launched the recording app, start the Skype Client and it will give you notification which will say “SkypeCallRecorder.exe wants to use skype”. You will also have to give permission from Skype interface so this software can use Skype.

Once done make sure to setup the options on quality of the recording being done by selecting the right bit rate which I will suggest you to setup for  128 and use Stereo Recording. Also choose a folder where you have enough space to automatically store the date.

Troubleshooting :

When I did install this I had a problem of  System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040154) exception. This problem can be solved by updating skype. You will have to choose to install Skype Extras Manager when you update. You can find this in options ( located bottom left )when you run the setup.


Download Free Skype Call recorder from here



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