Recover deleted images Posted on Twitter

Twitter supports uploading images using their own domain which is powered by Photobucket. I am sure when a tweet is deleted, it takes some time for the images to be removed. In this post, I will share a simple trick to recover deleted pictures on Twiiter. However, you should know a bit.

Note: Twitter doesn’t show image URL any more or Powered by Photobucket. You will have to use Image Source to figure out the image URL.

Recover deleted images Posted on Twitter

Now once uploaded and your tweet is posted, you get a unique url, which will be like which, when accessed directly, displays something like!/ashishmohta/status/102325001285419008/photo/1.

To delete a photo you need to delete your tweet, makes sense, but what is interesting is the images can still be recovered if you have a direct link to the image. It is in the form of

That’s means that pictures are not deleted when you delete your tweet.  So there are only two things that is possible :

  • Either they are set as deleted and only removed using a bulk process. Looking at how big twitter user base is, this theory seems strong.
  • Or Twitter is not deleting the images at all, which I think can raise concern. However, I did not find any policy on twitter, which explains this.

Video Proof

Example of my tweet

  • This is a tweet I made with a picture:!/ashishmohta/status/102325001285419008
  • That is the URL of the picture which was shown:
  • This is the URL of the image which I can still access through the tweet and link of the image above is gone.

Twitter Native Image Support

What do you think? Does it work for you? Remember, it is only useful when you have the image of the tweeted photo, else you cannot find it.


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