Reduce music volume as you get sleepy

Many of us have habit of listening to music when we go to sleep. After few minutes we do catch up sleep but the music goes on at the same volume and you definitely get caught by somebody in morning asking – Why don’t you shutdown or reduce your music volume when you go to sleep. Funny but how can anybody do that when he goes into sleep without even knowing.

Well no doctor can treat that but Good Night Timer ( I would like to call it as Good Night Volume Reducer ) can reduce the music volume after a certain time when you know you will be definitely sleeping. Apart from this, Good Night timer can shut down your computer which is like one on one offer free.

You can run it like a timer and opt out for not shutting down your computer if you are using software like utorrent to download. Also It restores the normal volume (configurable to any percent) when you restart your computer. This keeps you off from hating it every day you get up and find your volume missing.

Good night timer
Good night timer : Reduce Music Volume

So you plan when you need to shutdown your computer and you make sure you start reducing your music volume minutes before. ( This might even keep people away who bother you high volume or even running your computer all night  ** I know parents are also reading this ** .

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