Remaining Notebook Battery Notifier that talks sense

Users whose Notebooks run on discharging battery all the time end up most of the time checking how much battery is left during the last hours. There is no way you get to know how much notebook battery is left in a blink.  Laptop Battery Alarm is a good option where you  get sound notification but only at certain point.

What if you can have the battery meter literally showing how much of battery power is left on your taskbar without occupying much space and any resource ?

Battery bar Status
Battery bar Status

How to enable battery Bar

Introducing Battery Bar, A simple application for windows notebook to see how much battery is left with the same ease you see the clock :). And if you want to get more details just hove it and you will know it all. Used along with Laptop battery Alarm makes an productive combination in case you do miss noticing the taskbar. ( Via TechNix Update )


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