Remind yourself and Friends with Free SMS Text Reminders

Want to get reminded on someones birthday or picking up food stuff from mall ? Free SMS Text reminders is just for this purpose.  This service lets you schedule a free text message on a given time and if you have something which you do every day at the same time, like taking medicine,  Text reminders do that too.

Free SMS reminders
Free SMS reminders

Using this service is very easy. All you need is to first sign up with them and then add your scheduled / recurring reminder with your phone number along with it.

This service has one excellent feature : Socializing. You can also share updates and reminders with friends and family. This makes a lot of sense as you can plan for a surprise party and share the reminder with all the invited people. This way you make sure  people aren’t late for the party

They Say

There are three aspects to The first is financial, the second functional and the third is social. The financial aspect is simply the ability to send free texts to friends. The functional aspect is the ability to schedule recurring reminders. The social aspect is the ability to share updates and reminders with friends.

Sounds good to me, As long as the service is free and well protected against spam people would  lobe to use this. Taking a look at the Carriers listed it seems like it supports only US services. Probably there should be some which provides this kind of service around the globe. Do you have one in mind ?


  1. I dunno. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and these so called “free” text reminders always come at a cost.

    Basically they are a way to get you to give the company access to your mobile phone and your friends phones so that they can send advertising.

    In bulk text messages are around 5c each, so these companies have decided it is worth footing the bill for the 5c (plus their other costs) to send your message along with an ad tacked on the end.

  2. Hi everyone,
    My name is Dan, and I’m the creator of textReminders. I’d like to respond to a few of the comments left.

    First off, thanks to Ashish for the post. It’s an honor to be mentioned on technospot.

    @Jon: It’s free for users to send text messages through the site. The receiver of the text pays standard carrier fees, but nothing to the site.

    There are no plans to advertise on the site in the foreseeable future, and I’m very against mobile ads.

    @Nitin: I think advertising sucks as well, that’s why there are no ads anywhere on the site.

    Here is what I see as the future monetization model for the site. I’m current developing widgets and phone apps that will be available for others to use on their own sites/phones for a micro-payment. So as an example, for $.99 you can add the textReminders widget to your site, and visitors to your site can send out text reminders without ever seeing

    Thoughts, suggestions?

  3. Dan-I’m looking for a solution for my site. I want to incorporate multiple reminder options for users. Could you e-mail me?

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