Remotely monitor all keyboard input on your computer

RamHook is a free open source windows application which lets you record all the activities when keyboard is used. It can record menu actions, tabs and whatever is typed into a log file. Technically this is a key logger but useful if you are planning to monitor your own computer.

Ram Hook Keylogger

This key logger can be configured to start with Windows Startup and make it run in hidden mode when you are away from your computer.

Here is a sample log file :

Ram Hook Log Sample

Coming to the remote part, this application allows you to upload the log files to your own server after few interval. There is a sample PHP file give along with it which uses regular FORM/POST file uploading method. You might have to do some basic server configuration to  complete it.

Another way to do it is using DropBoxby changing the log file path, but the files will be uploaded only when file is not in use or when user stops using keyboard.

You can download that file from anywhere and see the keyboard logs. The logs are time stamped so you would exactly when that happened.  Download RamHook

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  1. This is a great program if you are someone that works in an office with nosey co-workers or if you want to keep a log of everything you type. People are pretty surprised after installing one of these with the outcomes, great post on how to use one!


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